D.C. Auto Show (1/24/15)
Jan 24, 2015Public
Photo: We started with a trip to Kohl's to return some Converses Ethan bought which were coming apart.
Photo: ...then it was lunch at Roy Rogers!
Photo: Mmmmm... ROY'S! The fast food place where you can get a baked potato instead of the inevitable fries.
Photo: Smiles all around.
Photo: Oh boy! A trip to the D.C. Convention Center by Metro train! A new thing for Gibby!
Photo: All sorts of things to see out the windows...
Photo: ...not to mention the noise, dirt and danger of the underground train station.
Photo: One of the first things we saw at the auto show. Figured it might be a good idea to take a photo, just in case...
Photo: At the car show! We promised Gibson a lot of time in the interiors of cars he could "drive." This was a Buick.
Photo: Watch him! He could dash away! (And did a couple of times.)
Photo: The traditional pretty girls extolling the features of the cars on revolving floors. Ethan's wife Sarah could SO do this.
Photo: Cramming into a Fiat Abarth so Gib can "drive" it..
Photo: The Toyota Fuel Cell concept car. We saw a few of these. Interesting. Hydrogen powered!
Photo: How do you pronounce that?
Photo: A weird looking little ride that had a LED screen body and hubcaps.
Photo: I pass.
Photo: Take that, OPEC!
Of course, politicians will load up taxes on it so it'll cost about the same as gas, I predict.
Photo: Three way selfie!
Photo: Really?
Photo: An interesting new Scion sports car.
Photo: The Spongebob Squarepants van.
Photo: A pause.
Photo: Ugh.
Photo: A selfie by the Ford Mustang Shelby GT-350.