Julie's and Birdie's Visit (February, 2014)
Feb 5, 2014Public
Photo: 2/5 - On the plane awaiting takeoff. Sleep, baby, sleep.
Photo: 2/5 - Thirsty, after that flight!
Photo: 2/6 - The traditional House of Pancakes visit.
Photo: 2/6 - At Buy-Buy Baby. Look at all the plastic crap!
Photo: 2/6 - A selfie +1.
Photo: 2/6 - The pause that refreshes.
Photo: 2/7 - Me and my best granddaughter.
Photo: 2/7 - An odd backseat-of-the-car shot. On the way to shop.
Photo: 2/7 - Entering Nordstrom Rack.
Photo: 2/7 - Two hours and four mood swings later in Nordstrom Rack.
Photo: 2/7 - Dinner at the Corner Bakery.
Photo: 2/7 - At the end of the day, in the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax. She's done!
Photo: 2/8 - Well, it *kind* of looks like a fez, doesn't it?
Photo: 2/8 - New toys to play with!
Photo: 2/8 - Lunch. Julie was craving a bagel. So - it was off to Einstein's.
Photo: 2/8 - A careless sort of baby fashion. But she pulls it off, I think you'll agree.
Photo: 2/8 - Shopping at Target while Julie gets her hair done.
Photo: 2/8 - Dinner and Disney Parks planning session with the Rooneys.
Photo: 2/9 - The traditional after church family shot. A warm up photo.
Photo: 2/9 - Three generations.
Photo: 2/9 - I get into the act.
Photo: 2/9 - Almost every time I set the timer and ran in back for the shot, this would happen. Hi, Grandpa!
Photo: 2/9 - This was the best shot. A professional photographer once told me during a family sitting, "The baby will do what the baby will do. You can't control it. You just have to try to use it."
Photo: 2/10 - All snugged in and safe. So what adventures will be experiencing?