Trip to Utah (May 24-29, 2016)
May 30, 2016Public
Photo: A trip out to Utah to help with the new grandbaby, Ruby. Here she is with Grandmere.
Photo: Dinner with the Averys - of course.
Photo: That is NOT a halo over Rob's head.
Photo: Can't get enough Ruby photos...
Photo: Julie came down with Birdie and Jay - it was nice to see them! I look a little freaky, here (like James Carville), but the photo of Jay is good.
Photo: We played up in the little clubhouse in Meredith's backyard.
Photo: Utah. Fry sauce at an Arctic Circle burger joint. Not impressed. Check that box.
Photo: There was some of this going on, too.
Photo: A gimme shot while holding the baby. I liked this one.
Photo: Awwww... little blue eyes.
Photo: A happy baby!
Photo: Mother and daughter.
Photo: Cool side view.
Photo: Met Cari's Dad for lunch - Four generations!
Photo: Of course, the Madsens.
Photo: While I was in Utah the producer from "The Comic Book Men" called and told me she wanted a photo of me (they're considering having me on). Here's what I sent. 

I need to lose weight!
Photo: Reading with Birdie at Deseret Book.
Photo: Birdie 1.
Photo: Birdie 2.
Photo: Jay 1.
Photo: Jay 2.
The King of the Puppy Dog Eyes.
Photo: Brother and Sister.
Photo: With grandparents.
Photo: Awwww....