National Harbor (9/1/14)
Sep 1, 2014Public
Photo: Here we are, out for fun on a hot and humid day. (It was in the high 80's/low 90's after an unusually cool summer).
Photo: We rode the Capital Wheel!

Photo: D.C. from the top of the wheel; that's the Washington Monument.
Photo: Facing south - Mount Vernon is just around that bend in the Potomac, I think.
Photo: A view of the National Harbor.
Photo: There was much discussion about how the wheel was assembled with pins and cotter pins in the pins.
Photo: A back view of the jumbotron with  J. Seward Johnson Jr.'s cast aluminum "The Awakening" behind it.
Photo: Back in January 1998 it was at Haines Point - they moved it to the National Harbor. Here's Meredith.
Photo: The Wheel's latticework.
Photo: The LED modules they mounted to the sides for illumination at night. (Yes, I know this is nerdy - but I'm an engineer.)
Photo: Visiting the Peeps Store.
Photo: Oooohhh... colors.
Photo: "It's not a party without the chicks!"
Photo: I liked the pattern behind the cash register...
Photo: Another display.
Photo: The Ike and Mike Hot Guy.
Photo: We found this sculpture - notable.
Photo: Thai restaurant decoration. Reminds me of Disneyland.
Photo: A crash seen on the way home, not far from our house. How exactly did this car get there?