Virginia Beach, VA - October 2009
Oct 23, 2009Public
Photo: Our rental as seen from the beach. That deck is awesome. You will notice the flag on the property on a flagpole. Each morning at 6 AM we'd hold reveille, assemble and hoist it up.

Of course I am kidding.
Photo: A well-intentioned name, but when I see it I think of Ty-D-Bol.

All the rentals around here have names. A reenactor friend of mine once considered naming his home, and asked his boys for suggestions. They came up with "Squirrel World," and so my friend became "The Squire of Squirrel World."
Photo: The view from the window near the head of my bed. (Shot through an aluminum sceen.)
Photo: The house across the street is a geodesic dome.
Photo: The view northwards. That's downtown Virginia Beach in the distance. We're in Sandbridge, somewhat to the south.
Photo: A birdie. There was this enormous body of water nearby. It kept coming up towards the house, and I thought I'd have to grab buckets and start bailing - then it would recede. This went on all weekend. It was positively weird, and kept me on edge.
Photo: Then there were these odd holes in the sand. I looked down this one, half fearing that a badger or wolverine would attack me. But they never did.
Photo: Yours truly, thanks to the shutter timer on the redoubtable Canon Digital ELPH.
Photo: Larry Peters. There was a lot of this sort of thing going on.
Photo: When I look up from reading my book, this is the view I get. Ahhhh.
Photo: One of those moody beach scenes one feels compelled to document. (The theme from "The Summer of '42" plays quietly in the background.)
Photo: Bill, Reed and Clint hang out on the deck.
Photo: Kacie and Cari.
Photo: The Five Families gather for Saturday night din-din.
Photo: Happy Birthday surprise cake for Cari...
Photo: One of the Sandbridge things - fostered in large part by the company who rents the beach houses - is beach-themed sculpture. I've always wondered if there was once a real life fisherman behind that ubiquitous New Englander in the yellow rain slicker. (In similar fashion I've always wondered if there was once a real life model for Popeye the Sailor Man.)
Photo: I saw this 1985 Porsche Turbo Carrera for sale. 165K miles, new trannie, $18K asking price. Is it worth it, do you think?
Photo: While I was lusting after a 24 year-old Porsche, one of the Five Families dads, Reed, was flying a kite with a small camera attached!
Photo: Here's the aerial view of Bluewater. Cool, huh? That green thing is the pool cover. Nobody wanted to go swimming in late October...
Photo: We took a short drive over to Cape Henry; which was important because... well... read the plaque.
Photo: DeGrasse monument.
Photo: DeGrasse statue.
Photo: There are two lighthouses at Cape Henry - an old one and a newer one. You can climb up the old one.
Photo: Here's the older one, made out of brick in the late 18th C. And Cari.