Meredith's July 2012 Visit
Sep 9, 2012Public
Photo: Meredith's friend Mary picked her up at the airport. This was a planning meeting at the kitchen table.
Photo: She took a photo of herself wearing my incredibly dorky reading glasses I leave near the computer.
Photo: Nats game with Mary, Washington, D.C.
Photo: A visit to Agecroft Hall in Richmond, a rebuilt 15th C. English manor house.
Photo: In the gardens.
Photo: I was struck by this display as you walk in.
Photo: An incredible place to visit...
Photo: Meredith and the skeps, a partial recreation of an earlier photo...
Photo: ...this one, taken in 1999, with Julie. Different skeps, younger girls.
Photo: Two great Virginia institutions: Meredith and boxwood.
Photo: I picked up a multi-faceted crystal in the gift shop and shot through it.
Photo: In the hall at church.
Photo: The traditional after church photo. Fooling around.
Photo: The scrapbook shot.