Christmas at Home 2010
Dec 27, 2010Public
Photo: 12/18: The season began, as it often does, with a gathering of the mighty Five Families, Northern Virginia's Most Formidable Force for Dining Out. Here are the Drama Mamas. It was a great party!
Photo: The Drama Dads are here - that's me, inflicting what looks like a head lock upon one of my peers.
("Drama Mamas & Drama Dads?" We all met when our kids were in high school theatre - we were the drama boosters.)
Photo: 12/19: Hurricane Meredith blew into town. One morning I opened the bedroom door to see this sleeping power salute. I like that juxtaposed with the photo of her as a little girl on the shelf.
Photo: One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is that Cari starts baking like mad.
Photo: One of her many seasonal specialties is cinnamon twists.
Photo: 12/24: A cell phone photo and message from Ethan, who had to work until 7 PM Christmas Eve. His co-worker doesn't look unhappy.
Photo: Our tree. It's Christmas Eve and we watched "Holiday Inn" (1942), as we have since 1986.
Photo: This year's dated ornament. Note the small Norwegian Sun cruise ship ornament just above it...
Photo: Christmas Day. We kept in touch with Ethan and Sarah via Facetime on Cari's Macbook and Ethan's version 4 iPhone.
Photo: Meredith also videoteleconferenced with her fiancee and her future mother-in-law.
Photo: My Christmas present from Meredith - how cool! I especially like the umlaut.
Photo: I got this repro U.S. Marines tunic from my pal Mike; it was used by an extra in the HBO production "the Pacific." AWESOME.
Photo: Christmas dinner was at the Rooneys; it was splendid!
Photo: 12/26: A test shot with the camera on my tripod. Diet Coke keeps me going.
Photo: Setting up for the traditional just-back-from-church family photo.
Photo: Family photo #1.
Photo: Family photo #2. I like this one better, I think.
Photo: 12/27: Looking for a wedding dress at David's Bridal.
Photo: The mirror shot. This is the one Meredith likes best. Mom, a Five Families Mom and a friend were invited along for input. I tagged along for transportation and photographic services.
Photo: The one, front.
Photo: The one, back, with bolero.
Photo: We had lunch at Mike's American Grill in Springfield...
Photo: 12/29: We visited the D.C. Mormon Temple to see their light display and nativities of the world - a Christmas season tradition.
Photo: I liked the German nativity best - painted on metal, very exacting.