2014, etc.
Jan 8, 2015Public
Photo: 1/4/14 - A winter landscape shot while walking my dog. Much of Old Virginia looks like this this time of the year.
Photo: 1/6/14 - "Home Alone," Mark Twain style. From his Autobiography.
Photo: About 6" of snow fell on 1/21/14.
Photo: 1/23 - I saw this in the local library. NO WAY. Put one of these on your ride and everyone in every other county in the state (with the exception of Loudoun Co.) will hate your guts instantly.
Photo: 1/29 - The clock in a Giant grocery store. It looks like a fourth grader cut it out of paper. And what's with those LONG hands?
Photo: 102 Eagle St., Brooklyn, NY. 
My great-grandfather took the census here in 1880.
Photo: 104 Noble St., Brooklyn, NY.
My dad was born here 22 August in 1912.
My son looked up the estimated value in 2015 on zillow: 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS! Built in 1899, multiple occupancy, 2,500 square feet.
Photo: 2/5 - Ice storm!
We got 10 1/2" of snow on the evening of 2/12 - then another 2" on 2/13.
Photo: 2/6 - The ancient light fixture lives again. Cleaned, rewired and with dangly crystal appended thereunto.
Photo: 2/6 - The hairdresser has a real high voice.
Photo: 2/22 - Say it quickly.
Photo: This was was my iphone's photo roll. I have no idea how I took it. I think I was moving the camera while accidentally hitting the shutter. I like it!
Photo: 3/2/14 - Oscar night.
Photo: 3/13 - Concert at the Kennedy Center: Debussy, Rachmaninov, De Falla, Respighi. It was GREAT! (I put on my glasses so I could see the orchestra better.)
Photo: Johannes Brahms - an NSO regular - was in attendance. There he is, standing in yellow, waiting to take his seat. I used to see him years ago sitting front row center; now he's second row, center.
Photo: By Eugene Kaik. I call it "The King Family," which is pretty funny when one thinks of the squeaky clean and wholesome performing family of the same name from the 1960's.
Photo: "Brian is the Beach Boys. We're his messengers." - Dennis Wilson 
What a remarkable photograph! I'm wondering why it wasn't in that Brian Wilson autobiography my wife and I read a decade or two ago...
Photo: 3/28 - There are times it doesn't feel like the best place to work in the government. Not at all.
Photo: Why is this here? Just because.
Photo: This is from a restaurant on Cary St. that used to house a place selling records and tapes. I like the way they used audio material as decor.
Photo: Close up.
Photo: Seen in a Utah store. I looked real quick and saw "Acne di Pepe."
Photo: Seen in a Jimmy Johns.