Gettysburg Remembrance Day - 11/20/10
Nov 21, 2010Public
Photo: Get a bunch of reenactors together and there are always interesting things to see on the backs of their cars. For instance, I didn't know the state of Virginia offered a Robert E. Lee license plate. I rather like it even though I'm a Yank.
Photo: Don and I grabbed lunch at a McDonald's. Gettysburg is such a heavily Civil War influenced place it can even be found in the men's room.
Photo: Close up of the border. Bobby Lee and President Grant (?).
Photo: A redneck flag seen in a souvenir shop. What are those crossed things at bottom, exactly?
Photo: An even more garish redneck flag.
Photo: Don finds a book he approves of.
Photo: A redneck sticker - the pirate/biker/Civil War connection.
Photo: There were a lot of bikers in town for the parade. I liked this guy's "Jane Fonda American Traitor Bitch" patch.
Photo: As usual we formed up at the elementary school, where, once again, this fellow from the 11th PA and his dog were present. The dog is meant to represent Sallie, the mascot of the 11th PA.  See
Photo: Here's the 4th U.S. in formation, all wearing their frock coats and Hardee hats prior to stepping out.
Photo: One of my famous hold-the-camera-up-and-get-a-shot-of-the-guys-in-column shots.
Photo: One of the parade spectators. Of all the various clothing styles I saw that day, this guy stood out.
Photo: We rounded a turn and I was surprised to see a period Santa Claus saluting us!
Photo: As ever, these parades are well attended and a joy to do - when the weather is good. It was in the high 50's. Perfect.
Photo: I liked these gals with this banner.
Photo: I wish I could have gotten a better shot of these two German onlookers. Note the braids. Just about anything goes at Gettysburg Rembrance Day.
Photo: I always like seeing the massed regimental flags.
Photo: Woody and Son were present at this one.
Photo: The parade over, we trotted over to the U.S. Army Regulars monument for a short commemoration ceremony.
Photo: Afterwards Bob Bugle (a name for a reenactor surpassed only by a fellow I used to do Revolutionary War reenacting with - C. Drummond Ball) requested a shot of him in his uniform. I opted to do it in two styles. Here's the one showing the complete uniform.
Photo: Here's how a magazine photographer would do it.
Photo: One of my gimme shots starring Lloyd Harting. Hold the camera at an angle arms length and fire away, Facebook style.
Photo: My youngest daughter used to do shots like this all the time. Once again the Federal City Brass Band was there, serenading us. They are so cool.
Photo: The traditional photo next to the 111th New York statue. Sorry you couldn't be here, Chris. And one day I'll hand the camera to somebody who can get the entire statue in the shot...