Distorted photos of me
Dec 19, 2010Public
Photo: This one is probably the most normal of the bunch. This effect is called "thermographic."
Photo: Supposedly artsy.
Photo: I like this one better. Doesn't even look like me.
Photo: Called a "Comic Book" filter.
Photo: Comic book style again.
Photo: Square head.
Photo: Reminds me of a Sir John Tenniel illustration in Alice of Wonderland.
Photo: Like a bad dream.
Photo: Like one of those big-eyed-children-on-a-Paris-street paintings.
Photo: Richard Nixon!
Photo: Like a nightmarish bug.
Photo: My head is big!
Photo: Satanic.
Photo: Jack Nicholson.
Photo: I look like a mole.
Photo: I look even more like a mole.
Photo: Bowling ball head.
Photo: Can't eat much with that mouth.
Photo: The sun!