Engagement Photos, 7 June 1980
Apr 20, 2010Public
Photo: My favorite of the series. I had this in a frame in my various cubicles and offices for almost twenty years. One day, while having lunch, Cari stuck it in her purse and said, "It's time to retire this photo."
Photo: A sub-optimal expression on my face - which is the case with a lot of these. I hadn't yet learned that the best thing to do with my features for a camera is to simply smile broadly. I am 24, Cari is 22, by the way.
Photo: This is the shot we selected for our engagement picture, but in color. Or one very much like it... I think it must have been stored separately.
I'm guessing her relatives went, "Oh, dear" when they saw it.
Photo: I'm ignoring Cari.
Photo: Cari is growing displeased that I'm ignoring her.
Photo: We're exchanging promises. I didn't keep the one about making sure my collar was in the right place for photographs.
Photo: Cari is more amused about whatever it is we're amused about than I am. Good shot of her, bad one of me.
Photo: A relaxed pose - perhaps too relaxed.
Photo: Marital disagreements already? We're not even married yet.
Photo: Yikes, what a lousy expression on my face! Wake up, for Pete's Sake!
Photo: Future brides should not rest their heads sideways on the future groom's shoulder. It just doesn't work as a pose. It makes it look like my ear is being inspected.
Photo: I ruined this one with another sub-optimal expression on my face.
Photo: I look... intrigued.
Photo: We can do better than this - but at least the ring is in the shot.
Photo: This is the engagement shot for a couple in a film noir. Photography in dappled light is always a challenge.
Photo: I look like a dog who suddenly noticed a squirrel.
Photo: A decidedly odd pose: We're engaged but we're really not on speaking terms right now.
Photo: No, I'm not talking to you.
Photo: This one is geeky, but I kind of like it. It was a warm June day, as I recall, and I was happy to remove that tweed jacket for a while.
Photo: My head is exiting the shot!
Photo: Bizarre colors... as I wrote, the slides turned blue over the past thirty years.
Photo: The clutch. Sweater sleeve is rising up.
Photo: A walk in the dappled light.
Photo: Ditto.