Christmas 2014
Dec 27, 2014Limited
Photo: 12/21 - Hmmmm. What does the TSA security look like this morning? Not bad or enormous? (It was light.)
Photo: 12/21 - I love air travel. So much room on a plane. Look, I know air travel is a modern day miracle and all, but… it's cramped for me, okay?
Photo: 12/22 - Grandmere and Jay - and Buster.
Photo: 12/21 - I meet the latest grandbaby Jay Thomas Hofer!
Photo: …and see his sister Birdie again!
Photo: 12/21 - Leave your cell phone near Meredith unattended and this is what you find in your camera roll.
Photo: 12/21 - WOW. What news! My son got a job in Northern Virginia and begins 5 January. He, his wife and two kids move in with us in early January! Everyone else knew but nobody told me - a Christmas surprise!

This changes everything!

This funny photo was in a folder I was handed along with the Alexandria job offer for Ethan!
Photo: 12/22 - Gibby explains Christmas: "It's like this. You write down what you want on a piece of paper, mail it to the North Pole and Santa brings it."
Photo: 12/22 - Mere and Hudson. We did some babysitting today.
Photo: 12/22 - Mere and Hudson.
Photo: 12/22 - Gib and Birdie.
Photo: 12/22 - Grab all those grand babies!
Photo: 12/22 - Birdie and Gibby
Photo: 12/22 - I told Gibby, "Give Cousin Birdie a kiss!" I don't think she was entirely on board with that.
Photo: 12/22 - This is, "Who's Cute?" With Buster the Dog.
Photo: 12/22 - Meredith, Hudson and Mere's boyfriend Zach.
Photo: 12/22 - Met the Averys at Heap's of Pizza (more properly, "Brick Oven Pizza" in Provo). And Santa. A really good-looking Santa. Looks like Edmund Gwynne in "Miracle on 34th Street."

And you have to admire that belt buckle.
Photo: 12/22 - At Heap's.

Then we went to the Averys' house, where he lit a fire.
Photo: In our hotel room. Cari said, "I wrapped them; I want to enjoy looking at them!"
Photo: 12/23 - At Pop n Sweet in Provo.
Photo: 12/23 - At lunch with Bob Avery.
Photo: 12/23 - Hoisting Gibson in Orem.
Photo: 12/23 Cari and Bridgette, her niece's daughter.
Photo: 12/23 - Visiting the Jensens (awake and asleep).