Christmas 2015
Dec 28, 2015Public
Photo: The season properly started December 5th with a church Christmas party. Hudson wasn't quite in the spirit of the season yet. Gib wasn't sure.

The weird Christmas light display on Rolling Road was once again put up:

And Swissmas (12/12/15)!
Photo: Hudson and Gibson leave some food out for Santa's reindeer. Looks like Hudson is eyeing that carrot. 

It was weirdly warm on the 24th: 70 degrees with 80% humidity. Felt tropical. So much so that we turned on the air conditioner!
Photo: Reading a Christmas Eve book...
Photo: Christmas morning!
Photo: Family photo!
Photo: Gib got this swell scooter...
Photo: He's also modeling a sweater he got.
Photo: Playing with the Batcave toy.
Photo: 12/25 - Ethan and Sarah invited his friend Sean and his Mom over for dinner.

It was a great Christmas! Video:

(This is where the Meredith and Zach content is.)
Photo: Meanwhile, in Idaho, Birdie and Jay dress warmly - it was far colder there.
Photo: Mom with Birdie and Jay!
Photo: The Christmas full moon hides behind the clouds...
Photo: The day after Christmas, when other families are in malls returning goods, the Clarks bought a car. That's the salesman in the group hug, hahahaha!
Photo: Grandmere babysat while we went car shopping. Grandmere snowballed Gibson!
Photo: 12/26 - The kids assume the car is like a playhouse. Hahahaha! It looks like Hudson has too many hands. Gibson is hiding.

The next day we took the Honda to see some neighborhood Christmas lights:
Photo: Doesn't Birdie look sweet in her new dress?!?
Photo: 12/30 - We went to see the holiday jazz trio Trifecta at the Washington D.C. Temple "Festival of Lights" performances. It was a foggy night!

Let It Snow:

Rudolph mambo:

Little Tiny Child:
Photo: I love those lights! I notice there was only one bush with the usual intense, deep deep blue lights. I prefer these light blue ones...
Photo: New: a temple cutaway
Photo: My favorite creches this year: Georgia, and...
Photo: ...Italy.
Photo: The last day of the year. Sarah wanted to try this pizza place at the Springfield Mall, Ampersand Pizza.
Photo: Outside. I have always maintained that modern art is best used as a background for portraits.
Photo: This place was pretty good - Sarah agrees!