Gettysburg Remembrance Day - 11/21/09
Nov 22, 2009Public
Photo: Upon arrival at Gettysburg we got our leathers and hats out of the trunk. Here, my pard Don models his new Hardee hat, frock coat (with brass scales) and white gloves. The Remembrance Day parade is always a major dress-up affair for the 4th U.S.
Photo: I always get a kick out of the bumper stickers affixed to reenactors' cars. "Got Hardtack?" - heh! (For those of you who don't know, hardtack was a hard cracker issued to the troops.)
Photo: I'm not entirely sure about this one, but given the general politically conservative nature of reenactors I suspect it's not laudatory.
Photo: We found the 4th U.S. eating muffins in a parking lot. Here's our commander, Captain Hill. He looks a lot like the Blue Oyster Cult's lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, but I can't find a good photo to back this up. Just take my word for it, okay?
Photo: Remembrance Day is always a gala affair - an occasion where the usual restrictions about guys with high, self-appointed rank gets waived. Here, Don does bunny ears behind Robert E. Lee.
Photo: A U.S. Grant-looking major general.
Photo: Another Lee. You can never have too many, I suppose. In case the primary Lee suffers from chest pains you can substitute an alternate Lee. (I only saw one Abraham Lincoln, however. No John Wilkes Boothes.)
Photo: I saw this on one guy's coat. I liked the little Lee badge which says, "Do your duty."
Photo: A gal sits atop a Jeep. She was wearing some kind of low cut 1890's bodice under that field jacket; I am clearly taking this photo at the wrong angle. Don guessed that if she had charged a quarter for each photo she could have bought the Jeep.
Photo: Wow... a restored 1948 Chevy. One of the most impressive sights that day.
Photo: A bunch of loud Harley bikers showed up. Remembrance Day in Gettysburg is somewhat of a glorious social free for all.
Photo: We finally made our way to the school ground where we staged ourselves for beginning the parade. You can see that my pard Chris also bought himself a Hardee hat, frock coat and scales. Yours truly is the same old slob he always is, with sack coat and forage cap.
Photo: But at least my trousers are in better shape than this!
Photo: I love Civil War nun reenactors! Perhaps the young lady on the left is one of their projects. I like the cross painted on the canteen. One guy wondered if they were going to go through the infantry ranks rapping guys on the knuckles with rulers.
Photo: Civil War Marines! Were there Marines at Gettysburg during the battle. No. Does it matter? Of course not. Semper Fi, Mac!
Photo: No, sailors didn't take part at Gettyburg, either. 
They're just salty tars looking for a ship. Any port in a storm, I say. Belay that criticism!
Photo: I like the facial expression on this guy.  The hat band says "Constellation," by the way. 

At Gettysburg I learned from Don that Congress approved the purchase of the first eight ships of the line: The United States, the Constellation, the Consititution, the President, the Philadelphia, the Chesapeake and... I forget the other two.
Photo: You are never too young to get a start in Civil War reenacting!
Photo: This guy and his woebegone dog were a popular addition to the parade. I had the distinct impression, however, that the dog would have just as soon stayed home.
Photo: This was the formation behind us - there were a BUNCH of reenactors at this. The weather was much nicer than last year. Cloudy but not cold at all. You never know what you'll get at Remembrance Day.
Photo: The prima donnas of Civil War reenacting, the 5th New York Zouaves.
Photo: I was especially impressed by The Federal City Brass Band, who brought these cool Civil War era over the shoulder instruments. More on them later. That's the Lincoln Elementary School in the distance.
Photo: The parade during a halt, looking backwards. It was really a gala affair; there were many uniformed participants and many spectators.
Photo: During a halt, looking forwards. There were many more than you see here; this was just before we made a right turn down Steinwehr Avenue.