Adventure Sports in Támesis
Apr 24, 2010Public
Video: Watch the video of our rappelling adventure!
Photo: Támesis' central plaza.
Photo: The waterfall Marcela and Ashley were to conquer
Photo: Támesis town streets
Photo: Eco Cartama's equipment closet
Photo: A healthy pre-rappelling breakfast
Photo: Fresh papaya.  Yum!
Photo: They've got their harnesses, Marcela and Ashley are ready to go!
Photo: About to leave the paved streets for the 1,000 year old road to the waterfall
Photo: View of Támesis
Photo: Leg one of the climb
Photo: Getting closer to the fall
Photo: The mighty waterfall
Photo: Támesis from the top of the hike
Photo: Waterfall close-up
Photo: Before their descent
Photo: They're excited!
Photo: A little scary being on the edge without ropes!
Photo: It's go time!
Photo: It's a tight squeeze at the start
Photo: No turning back now...