The Finca
Jul 6, 2010Public
Photo: The Finca is first and foremost a place to relax. Take your pick from any of the comfortable hammocks, lakeside recliners, or bedrooms with a view to Colombian paradise. You cannot be at the Finca and not unwind.
Photo: The Finca at sunrise.
Photo: This is the most popular area at the Finca. This is one end of the "living room/dining room/kitchen" space. The architectural design of the Finca encourages socializing and views of nature. This area exemplifies that design.
Photo: This is one of the guest rooms at the Finca. The walls open up to the outdoors and you can see Colombia's natural beauty for miles.
Photo: This is another of the guest rooms at the Finca with another wall that opens up to the garden outside.
Photo: This is the view from the upstairs bedroom at the Finca. With its location on the second floor, this is probably the best view in the entire house.
Photo: The dining room table is one solid piece of gorgeously crafted wood and the benches surrounding it allow seating for up to 14 guests.
Photo: The Finca's full-time service staff prepares all meals and arranges the table for the appropriate number of guests. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with many snacks in between!) are served whenever the guest is ready for them.
Photo: This view of the common area highlights the openness of the Finca. The valley breezes pass gently through the house and the small moat-like gutter around the house keeps any rain flowing peacefully towards the nearby lake.
Photo: Some guests taking an afternoon "siesta" in one of the many hammocks.
Photo: The view from right outside on the guest rooms.
Photo: Flowers, plants, and trees cover the Finca grounds making even a walk around the house a very colorful experience.
Photo: The Finca at dusk.
Photo: The Finca near nightfall.
Photo: Guests can opt to rest in hammocks at anytime of the day. Some even enjoy them overnight!
Photo: Fresh flowers are brought in daily from the Finca gardens.
Photo: Su Casa Colombia guide, Marcela, prepares the following day's activities as night falls at the Finca.
Photo: Hola!
Photo: If you're someone who enjoys board games, you will definitely enjoy this Colombian version of Monopoly. It's called "Metropolio" and has some very unique twists to the classic American game.
Photo: One corner of the Finca. The moat-like gutter looks level but is actually built at a small downward angle to allow the rainfall to find its way to the lake.
Photo: The moat-like gutter is made of different colored cobblestones.
Photo: And sometimes, it catches more than just rain.
Photo: The path down to the lake runs parallel to the flowing water.
Photo: The steps leading down to the sun deck.