2014_09 Kenya climbing
Oct 23, 2014Public
Photo: View from Shipton's Camp
Photo: Point Peter morning alpenglow
Photo: Approach
Photo: Hoar frost
Photo: Approach Gulley
Photo: View west from the Col
Photo: Roping up for the climb
Photo: Ken leading
Photo: Theo
Photo: Ken on summit
Photo: Ken near summit
Photo: Ken on rapell descent
Photo: Theo rapelling - Terere and Sendeyo behind
Photo: Ken Bell rapelling
Photo: Descending - Shipton's Camp and Kami Camp in background
Photo: Batian from Kami Camp before snow
Photo: Batian from Kami Camp after overnight snow
Photo: Theo at Kami Camp
Photo: Staff at Kami Camp
Photo: A 30 minute walk to cell phone coverage at Hausberg Col
Photo: View west from Hausberg Col