Mohammad Mahjoub removes GPS anklet device in front of Federal Court
Feb 1, 2013Public
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub and his supporters outside the Federal Court at 180 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub preparing to cut off the GPS anklet he has been forced to wear for over 5 years while living under house arrest as a 'security certificate' detainee in Canada.
Photo: Mohammad Mahoub cutting off his GPS anklet after a recent Federal Court ruling lifted many of his remaining bail conditions.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub showing off the GPS anklet after finally cutting it off.
Photo: A smile of relief over his face, Mohammad Mahjoub shows off the GPS tracking system that he has been forced to wear 24/7 for over 5 years.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub preparing to use the Toronto subway system for the first time after removing his GPS anklet.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub and supporters preparing to board the subway in Toronto.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub smiling at the prospect of his new freedoms.
Photo: Now that he is finally able to travel underground, his travel time has been cut by several hours, Mohammad Mahjoub explains.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub at St. Clair West subway station in Toronto, near his residence.