Qalandiya Checkpoint
Sep 24, 2011Public
Photo: A mural of the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat outside Qalandiya checkpoint, near the city of Ramallah.
Photo: A young boy sits outside Qalandiya checkpoint prior to the spark of clashes.
Photo: A Palestinian youth begins throwing rocks at a watchtower stationed by Israeli soldiers.
Photo: International media outnumbered demonstrators outside Qalandiya checkpoint on the same day PA President Mahmoud Abbas was set to submit a proposal for recognition of a Palestinian state and full membership at the UN.
Photo: Palestinian youth throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers on the other side of the separation/apartheid Wall at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: A young Palestinian uses a ladder to scale the wall at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: A home-made slingshot in the hand of a young Palestinian.
Photo: A crowd of onlookers gathers outside Qalandiya checkpoint as Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers engage in a five hour standoff, in which rock throwing was met by tear gas, rubber bullets, and some live ammunition.
Photo: More onlookers...
Photo: Palestinian civilians pass by soldiers in Qalandiya.
Photo: Israeli soldiers used a combination of tear gas, rubber coated bullets, and some live ammunition to disperse demonstrators outside Qalandiya checkpoint in a standoff that lasted over five hours.
Photo: More Israeli soldiers...
Photo: Luckily, no severe injuries were reported.
Photo: Smile!
Photo: I don't know what that is atop this Israeli military vehicle but it looks dangerous.
Photo: A Palestinian youth, clutching rocks in his hands, raises the 'V' for victory sign while Israeli soldiers can be seen off the distance.
Photo: Palestinian youth with rocks take cover behind whatever they can and engage Israeli soldiers in a long and drawn out standoff that would last for hours.
Photo: An injured Palestinian is rushed away to safety by Red Crescent volunteer medics.
Photo: A young Palestinian displays a rubber coated bullet fired by Israeli soldiers at demonstrators outside Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: Several of these rubber coated bullets were fired during the course of the stand off
Photo: A Palestinian demonstrator is hit in the back by a tear gas canister. Fortunately, the high velocity variety of tear gas canisters usually used at Qalandiya checkpoint were not used this time, likely due to the strong international media presence.
Photo: A Palestinian youth is treated by medics for a non life-threatening head injury, likely due to a rubber or rubber coated bullet.
Photo: This demonstrator's injuries were not serious.
Photo: Another young boy is carried away into an ambulance.