Pre-Dawn Army Attack
Dec 20, 2011Public
Photo: The army and police attacked protesters in Tahrir Square with live round and sniper fire beginning at approximately 4:30 am.
Photo: Bullets used by the army displayed in the bloodied hand of one of the protesters.
Photo: Despite claims by SCAF that live round fire has not been used on protesters, these shell casings from the scene show irrefutable evidence to the contrary.
Photo: A hard hat showing the blood of one of the victims.
Photo: An injured protester holds up a torn banner of a medical student killed by the army the previous day. Sadly, not even his memory was shown any respect.
Photo: Bullet casings recovered from the ground following the army's attack on Tahrir Square.
Photo: A long trail of blood, enclosed by rocks like a makeshift memorial to the fallen victim, tells of the carnage that took place just moments earlier.
Photo: A man points in the direction of an army sniper spotted atop the 'Mugama' government building in Tahrir Square. At least two rounds of sniper fire were heard during the early morning attack.
Photo: Protesters gather along the trail of blood belonging to one of their friends, now presumably dead or severely injured.
Photo: Two protesters arriving at the scene as day breaks mourn over a protester's bloody keffiyeh.
Photo: The trail of blood measured at least 25 meters long.
Photo: A bloody Keffiyeh belonging to Mohamad Mustafa Hussan, 24, reported to be in the hospital in critical condition.
Photo: "This is what our army is doing to the Egyptian people!" shouted the protesters.
Photo: A protester holds up a sign following a pre-dawn attack by the army and police in Tahrir Square.
Photo: More live rounds shot directly at protesters.
Photo: Hundreds of rounds were fired at protesters, killing at least two people and injuring several more.
Photo: A range of bullets were used during the course of the attack on Tahrir Square.
Photo: A blood-stained shirt belonging to one of the protesters stands as a grisly reminder of the attack that took just took place.
Photo: Several protesters marching in Tahrir Square, condeming the brutality of the military regime and Field Marshall Mohamad Hussein Tantawi.
Photo: Protesters remained in Tahrir Square in disbelief at the amount of blood shed over the course of the attack.
Photo: How much more blood must be shed for Egypt to be free?
Photo: Evidence of the horrific attack unleashed in Tahrir Square in the early morning hours while the majority of Egyptians were asleep and the mainstream media nowhere to be found.
Photo: Another bloody shirt of one of the protesters hit by live round fire in the attack.
Photo: People assemble outside the wall erected by the army in an effort to put a stop to the ongoing clashes. Many of the protesters claim the purpose of the pre-dawn attack was to provide the army cover while the wall was reinforced with another layer of boulders.