Ministry of Interior Clashes
Feb 8, 2012Public
Photo: An aerial view of Tahrir Square during the latest round of clashes in downtown Cairo.
Photo: Another view of Tahrir Square...
Photo: Ambulance trucks pass by Tahrir Square to the entance of Mohamad Mahmoud St. where the clashes are occurring to transport the injured to Omar Makram Mosque, which has been converted into a makeshift hospital.
Photo: A man finds a moment to rest during the latest round of clashes...
Photo: Protesters keep warm in the frigid night air on Mohamad Mahmoud St.
Photo: A poster put up by Tahrir Square.
Photo: Tear gas fired from the Ministry of Interior.
Photo: Men run towards the scene to find and help any injured protesters.
Photo: A youth stands in front of a haze of recently fired tear gas by Mohamad Mahmoud St.
Photo: A boy carries a rock in a sling during a brief ceasefire...
Photo: Boys chant against the regime during a momentary break in the fighting.
Photo: Egypt's next generation...
Photo: Protesters looking on during the clashes.
Photo: A 'V' for victory monument recently erected in Tahrir Square.
Photo: An injured protester.
Photo: An effigy of Field Marshall Mohamad Hussein Tantawi is shown lynched in Tahrir Square.