Tahrir Square Demonstration - December 23, 2011
Dec 24, 2011Public
Photo: Men and woman alike expressed outrage over the recent wave of human rights abuses carried out by the army.
Photo: This woman attends nearly every protest carrying this photo of her son, tortured and killed by the army, she said, for refusing to carry out order to use violence against protesters.
Photo: Does anyone know what this sign reads?
Photo: A vendor in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Another view of Tahrir Square.
Photo: A man sits atop a light post in Tahrir Square.
Photo: A man raises his arms from atop a light post in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Protesters joining together in chants against SCAF in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Protesters hold up signs opposing military rule.
Photo: A photo of a martyr.
Photo: More signs and banners.
Photo: Strength in unity.
Photo: An impromptu drum circle in Tahrir Square with the Omar Makram mosque seen in the background.
Photo: Muslim and Christian unity.
Photo: She is the future of Egypt.
Photo: A poster depicting the army's brutality.
Photo: A flag with a picture of martyred activist Mina Daniel, a Coptic Christian killed by the army during the Maspero Massacre.
Photo: The Egyptian flag flying high.
Photo: A protester mourns at the sight of a loved one on a banner portraying several martyrs of the Egyptian revolution.
Photo: Gone but never forgotten...
Photo: Mourning over a lost loved one.