Occupy Cabinet Clashes - Part II
Dec 19, 2011Public
Photo: A crowd looks on as protesters, mainly youth, engage in rock-throwing clashes with the army.
Photo: An injured protester at the frontlines of the battle.
Photo: Hundreds of youth engage in back and forth rock clashes with the army.
Photo: The army was also assisted by plain clothes thugs in throwing rocks back at the protesters.
Photo: The army and protesters clash close to the parliament and Cabinet building.
Photo: Youth approach the army with rocks...
Photo: Some protesters were in the possession of shields and helmets seized in previous clashes.
Photo: An injured protester is rushed away to a makeshift field clinic nearby.
Photo: A protester receives treatment for his head wound after being hit with a rock.
Photo: Pictures of human rights violations committed by SCAF over the course of the previous few days of clashes.
Photo: A shoe for Field Marshall Mohamad Hussein Tantawi.
Photo: A protester holds up a poster identifying one of the soldiers implicated in the attacks.
Photo: A man holds up the latest issue of the independent newspaper 'Tahrir', which displayed on its cover the now infamous photo of army soldiers ruthlessly beating and stripping a veiled woman in the streets.
Photo: The covers of several daily Egyptian newspapers tell of the violence unleashed by the army the previous day, including the killing of Sheikh Emad Effat of Al Azhar mosque.
Photo: A man points to the newspaper cover of the beaten and stripped woman.
Photo: The photo of the woman beaten and stripped at the hands of the army caused a furor among Egyptians the following day when it ran on the cover of 'Tahrir'.
Photo: A young man crying after viewing the cover of 'Tahrir' with a copy still in his hands.
Photo: People assembled in Tahrir Square expressing shock and outrage that the Egyptian army could commit such a heinous act of violence against a veiled woman.
Photo: Burnt pages of a book from the Institute d'Egypt, which stored thousands of rare and priceless books dating back several centuries until the building was badly burned during clashes between protesters and the army. Few Egyptians knew of the buildings contents until after it was burned and the books already destroyed beyond repair.
Photo: A graffiti painting of Sheikh Emad Effat of Al Azhar mosque on the side of the 'Mugama' government building.
Photo: One of the inhabitants of the Tahrir Square occupation outside the 'Mugama' government building sits over the ashes of his tent, which was burnt to the ground by the army after an attack.
Photo: A flare is lit up right before it is thrown at the army several metres away.
Photo: The clinic continued to receive patients well into the night.
Photo: Blood streams down a young protesters face after sustaining an injury in clashes with the army.