G8/G20 Protests
Apr 11, 2011Public
Photo: I think this gentleman was later arrested...
Photo: A man balances dangerously atop a statue, while another individual casually looks on near Queen Street West and University Avenue.
Photo: Over 10, 000 people from all across Canada took to the streets of downtown Toronto during the G20 Summit weekend in a powerful display of popular resistance to the global austerity agenda.
Photo: Demonstrators march in the streets of downtown Toronto in one of the city's largest ever mass protests.
Photo: A man waves a placard while a live band plays music in the background.
Photo: Saturday's march brought out a diverse and ecclectic cast of demonstrators, including these '9/11 truthers.'
Photo: This gentleman seemed to be everywhere on Saturday, simply standing around and holding this eerie sign.
Photo: A man wearing a red bandana on his face holds up a sign in front of a line of riot police in downtown Toronto.
Photo: Meet the new face of a police state.
Photo: This police officer has the nerve to smile for the camera.
Photo: Riot police form a line to prevent demonstrators from passing them.
Photo: Hundreds of riot police block off an intersection in order to isolate demonstrators and prevent them from advancing towards the security fence a few blocks away.
Photo: Up close and personal with a riot cop - a little too close for comfort, perhaps.
Photo: Police block off yet another intersection in downtown Toronto to isolate groups of demonstrators from one another, a technique now commonly known as 'kettling.'
Photo: Police, in full riot gear, block off another intersection in downtown Toronto.
Photo: Police block off access to a building, presumably in order to prevent demonstrators from breaking the window behind them and setting all those crushed people free...
Photo: Encircled by a group of demonstrators, a group of police officers back away from a police cruiser whose front windshield has been smashed.
Photo: Police hold their ground as demonstrators advance on a damaged police cruiser.
Photo: Shortly following an intense standoff between police and demonstrators, which saw a police car windshield smashed, one young woman attempted to defuse the situation by placing a flower inside a police officer's pocket. To his small credit, the police officer did not overreact and chose to ignore the gesture.
Photo: Young 'hippies' stage a small sit-in in front of a line of riot police after a police cruiser's front windshield is smashed by demonstrators.
Photo: Following a tense face-off between police and demonstrators, a man sits down in between the two groups and calls for calm.
Photo: A woman walks away after inspecting the damage done to a Scotia Bank near Queen Street West and John Street.
Photo: A woman holds a sign in front of a vandalized Scotia Bank minutes after the bank was attacked by the 'Black Bloc'
Photo: A security guard stands in front of the bank to ensure no further damage is done to the property, but the 'Black Bloc' is long gone by now.