G20 Redux
Apr 11, 2011Public
Photo: The CN Tower reflected from a skyscraper in downtown Toronto during G20 Summit weekend.
Photo: Seen through a gap in the security fence, a police motorcade drives by in preparation for the G20 Summit.
Photo: A police motorcade passes by a hotel in downtown Toronto, conducting countless drills in preparation for the G20 Summit.
Photo: Another motorcade passing by.
Photo: Taped to a monument in downtown Toronto, the sign reads: "Another world is possible, necessary, and we can build it now!"
Photo: A man in a hard-hat stops to take a drink of water during a demonstration. This is a man clearly not afraid to make a statement.
Photo: The sign says it all.
Photo: A colourful young woman making a statement of another kind...
Photo: Two demonstrators embrace amidst a large crowd during the G20 Summit weekend.
Photo: Black Bloc members wrap themselves in a black banner that reads, "total freedom" on the relatively quiet first day of action. Widespread vandalism of corporate property would not occur until the following day.
Photo: A Black Bloc member looks as his unit passes by.
Photo: A police officer walks his bicycle along a protest route.
Photo: Another person is arrested by police, apparently without any legitimate grounds whatsoever. Notice that his shoes have been removed - everyone arrested that day had their shoes removed and kept off during the entire period.
Photo: The same individual awaits being processed...
Photo: A demonstrator, named Sam, is arrested by police - they forced him to hold his head against the wall for approximately twenty minutes before leading him away from the site.
Photo: Additional reinforcements are called in and arrive by Greyhound bus, only adding to the resentment of community members towards the police.
Photo: Police surround the G20 'Peoples Convergence Space', keeping people in the vacitiy blocked off from onlookers and community members who rallied support of the arrested with chants of "Whose streets? Our streets!"