Qalandiya Checkpoint Demonstration
Aug 30, 2011Public
Photo: Israeli soldiers gaze down at the demonstration from a watchtower at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: Muslims forbidden from worshipping at Al Aqsa mosque in Jersusalem, one of Islam's holiest sites, pray at Qalandiya checkpoint prior to the demonstration.
Photo: An Israeli soldier inspects a Palestinian woman's ID card at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: A young boy waves an Olive Revolution scarf at an Israeli soldier during the demonstration.
Photo: A young Palestinian prepares to launch a stone during a demonstration at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: A medic passed out from tear gas inhalation is assisted by others into a nearby ambulance truck.
Photo: A truck is set ablaze at Qalandiya checkpoint.
Photo: A Palestinian youth directs attention to the flaming truck.
Photo: Someone tries to put out the blazing fire.
Photo: A Palestinian youth stands above the apartheid wall separating the West Bank from Jerusalem, where the majority of Palestinians are not allowed to enter.
Photo: Palestinians sit outside Qalandiya checkpoint with the grafitti-covered apartheid wall behind them.