Why We March
Apr 11, 2011Public
Photo: Members of OPSEU pose for a picture at Yonge/Dundas Square in Toronto.
Photo: Members of LATUC take a moment to pose for a picture.
Photo: Keep Smiling!
Photo: Clare and some friends at City Hall.
Photo: ATU workers come out in full force to fight Mayor Rob Ford's austerity agenda, including attacking their right to strike by making the TTC an 'essential service.'
Photo: Young and old, people city-wide converged on City Hall to demand respect for their communities.
Photo: Solidarity from the Davenport community.
Photo: The OPIRG contingent proudly displays their new banner.
Photo: As tempting as those dolls look, $20 during a recession is alot of money!
Photo: People over profits.
Photo: A man demands jobs and a living wage for the people of Toronto.
Photo: The numbers never lie.
Photo: The future is now...and it does not look good.
Photo: The fight for public transit is on.
Photo: Rob Ford can do what?
Photo: The march and rally to fight Mayor Rob Ford's austerity agenda coincided with the revolutionary uprisings currently sweeping across the 'Arab World.'
Photo: Who will be next?
Photo: Saturday's demonstration attracted many Syrian pro-democracy supporters fighting for change at home and abroad.
Photo: Free, free Palestine!
Photo: What is democracy without a little bit of clowning around, after all?
Photo: Surrounded by police officers, a strong anti-war contingent attended the demonstration to call on the Canadian government to stop bombing Libya, and to bring home all the troops from Afghanistan.
Photo: As the march and rally proceeded through the downtown core, demonstrators emplored people on the sidewalk to join them. Some of them did, while, unfortunately, others still have no idea what the demonstration was about.
Photo: Our strength is our unity.
Photo: Clare and the OPIRG contingent making student and youth radicals everywhere proud.