Twelve Years Too Many - March with Mohammad Mahjoub
Jun 26, 2012Public
Photo: Placards in support of Mohammad Mahjoub scatter the floor in the lead up to the rally.
Photo: A supporter of Mohammad Mahjoub stands in front of the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) with a stack of boxes symbolizing documents belonging to Mahjoub and his defense that were stolen, viewed, and copied by the Department of Justice in the summer of 2010.
Photo: Syed Hussan of the Justice for Mahjoub Network speaking in front of the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS).
Photo: Supporters of Mohammad Mahjoub rally to demand an immediate and unconditional release for Mahjoub and the two remaining security certificate detainees.
Photo: Placards reading: 'Stop secret trials.'
Photo: Shanaaz Gokool of Amnesty International speaking out in support of Mohammad Mahjoub.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub outlines the background to his case and his 12 year nightmare ordeal as a security certificate detainee.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub speaks to the media during a rally on June 26, 2012, the 12 year anniversary of his initial arrest.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub shows the media the GPS device that he has been ordered by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) to wear on his ankle 24/7.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub and his supporter march in downtown Toronto.
Photo: Over 100 people were in attendance during the rally to support security certificate detainee Mohammad Mahjoub.
Photo: A symbolic replica of the several boxes of documents belonging to Mohammad Mahjoub and his defense that were illegally stolen by the Department of Justice.
Photo: Paul Slansky, Mohammad Mahjoub's lawyer, speaking beside his client in front of the Department of Justice building in downtown Toronto.
Photo: Stop secret trials!
Photo: Syed Hussan, Justice for Mahjoub Network.
Photo: Vinay Sharma, Human Rights Director of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW).
Photo: Until today, Mohammad Mahjoub has not been charged with any offense whatsoever.
Photo: Mohammad Mahjoub recounts what he has been forced to endure over the past 12 years of his life as a security certificate detainee to a large crowd of supporters in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) building in downtown Toronto.