Public Transportation Workers Strike
Oct 19, 2011Public
Photo: Striking public transportation workers gather outside a government office in downtown Cairo, Egypt
Photo: The striking workers agreed to stage an open-ended sit in until they're demands are seriously addressed.
Photo: The striking workers discuss a way forward.
Photo: How long until their demands will be heard?
Photo: Another three of the workers on strike.
Photo: A man reads a newspaper as his colleagues line the sidewalk at midday.
Photo: Several striking workers sit along the sidewalk waiting for any update on when they can return to work.
Photo: A man sits outside a guarded gate holding a sign demanding a living wage.
Photo: Workers hoping for a modest salary increase were not pleased with the offer given.
Photo: A women displays the latest contract offer in disgust.
Photo: Another striking worker shows his displeasure with the contract offer.
Photo: Men overlook the latest offer...
Photo: Striking workers were offended that their demands for a living wage were being ignored.
Photo: A man looks on as women speak out against poverty, government corruption, and the military to the media.
Photo: A group of women speak to the media about the dire situation in the country for the urban poor.
Photo: What kind of Egypt will this baby grow up to find?
Photo: Two girls smiling for the camera...