Friday of Anger - January 27, 2012
Jan 29, 2012Public
Photo: This is not de ja vu, it's January 25th part two!
Photo: Down with SCAF!
Photo: A group of protesters lead chants from atop an abandoned building in the neighbourhood of Dokki in Cairo.
Photo: A youth leads the protesters in chants against SCAF
Photo: Protesters chanting in the streets of Cairo.
Photo: A girl leads a part of the march to Tahrir Square.
Photo: No SCAF!
Photo: Protesters hold up signs denouncing the ruling military junta.
Photo: The Egyptian revolution lives on...
Photo: A man raising the Egyptian flag during the demonstration.
Photo: Blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fattah.
Photo: A stencil of some of the martyrs killed over the course of the year by the regime are honored in graffiti all over the walls of Cairo.
Photo: A burnt out government building still bears the scars of last year's uprising.
Photo: Young and old Egyptians alike join together in Tahrir Square to listen to chants, music, and speeches delivered from a nearby stage.