MST Assentamento
Apr 11, 2011Public
Photo: A small, dilapidated favela is visible along the periphery of São Paulo, one of many hundreds in and around the city. Many MST members will remember living in favelas much like this one before joining the movement in search of new opportunity.
Photo: A man sleeps off a long night of drink outside a bar in Apiai, São Paulo.
Photo: The MST banner painted on a shed at the entrance of the Assentamento, Prefessor Luiz D. Macedo. I had the extreme privilege of visiting the assentameno during my trip to Brazil in the summer of 2008.
Photo: Consisting of approximately 2 million farmers, sharecroppers, and landless peasants, the MST uses non-violent direct action as a means to advance the goal of agrarian reform and wider social change in Brazil.
Photo: A small dog tries to stay dry on another rainy day in Apiai, São Paulo.
Photo: A curious horse comes over to say, "hello."
Photo: "What are you looking at?"
Photo: An important symbol of the history of the movement, black plastic tents such as this one are used as temporary shelters during mass occupations of idle and unproductive land.
Photo: Another barraco that will eventually be torn down and rebuilt into a solid, durable structure of brick and concrete.
Photo: Looking on the verge of collapse, a barraco begins to show signs of heavy decay.
Photo: My friend Osvaldo wakes up in the early morning hours to begin another long day of work.
Photo: Osvaldo, Michel, and Tim Balada (from left to right) take me on a tour of the assentamento.
Photo: Displaying the imprint of popular American apparel, unaware of the hidden irony, three MST members walk quietly through the assentamento.
Photo: A mother and son peer through a wired fence at the entrance of their modest home.
Photo: A camponês greets me on his way into town where plans to buy some supplies, a few miles away.
Photo: Keeping himself warm by the fire, a camponês sits inside a small barraco during a small community meeting.
Photo: My friend Romolo and another camponês lock arms in a warm gesture of solidarity by the main entrance of the assentamento.
Photo: MST members meet to discuss issues affecting the community.
Photo: MST members, young and old, gather around a fire at a small gathering.
Photo: Peanuts and beans are shown as a small sample of the recent harvest of goods grown on the assentamento. Goods like these are organically grown, free of pesticides, herbicides or other agrochemicals of any kind.
Photo: Medics arrive to provide mandatory vaccine shots to members of the community.
Photo: Children of the assentamento anxiously look on, reacting with shock and humor, as a small child recieves his vaccine shot, comorted by his mother.
Photo: A nearby river is able to provide running water to some of the homes in the assentamento, although many barracos and makeshift houses have yet to recieve any basic utilities such as water, electricity, or sanitation.
Photo: A shy young boy smiles up at me through his hands, while his friend continues to fish in a small river by the assentamento.