Maspero Massacre Aftermath
Nov 1, 2011Public
Photo: Journalists take to the streets to protest the lies, misinformation, and distorted facts spread over state media during the Maspero demonstration and ensuing clashes between the army and Christian Copts.
Photo: Journalists and others carry a large Egyptian flag bearing a cross and crescent, signifying an appeal to unity between all Egyptians regardless of religious belief.
Photo: Hundreds of people joined the march along the way.
Photo: Protestors convene around Talat Harb Square for a candle light vigil dedicated to the lives lost during the Maspero massacre.
Photo: More candles being added...
Photo: Around 1000 people attended the candle light vigil in Talat Harb Square.
Photo: A woman holds a candle in Talat Harb Square.
Photo: Sharing candle light...
Photo: A woman mourns the lives lost during the Maspero massacre days earlier.
Photo: This man is also wearing handcuffs in a symbolic gesture of protest against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the ruling military government.
Photo: Sharing candle light in Talat Harb Square.
Photo: Mina Daniel's sister joins the candle light vigil in Talat Harb Square.
Photo: Condolences to Mina Daniel's sister, who lost her brother during the Maspero massacre a few days prior.
Photo: Many assembled for the vigil could not conceal their grief.
Photo: A woman holds up a sign commemorating the lives of the martyrs who died during the ongoing Egyptian revolution, including the recently slain Mina Daniel at the top-right.
Photo: Power to the people!
Photo: People assemble for a march from Al-Azhar mosque to the Abassia Cathedral several blocks away in a sign of interfaith unity.
Photo: People in the apartments flats over top the streets show their support to the protestors and their demands to bring down the ruling SCAF.
Photo: If anyone can read these signs please feel free to provide a translation.
Photo: Muslim and Christian women holding hands in a united front against the SCAF.
Photo: A Muslim prayer was held upon arrival at the Abbasia Cathedral.
Photo: Dozens participated in the prayer.
Photo: The march was meant to symbolize a gesure of interfaith respect, unity, and non-sectarianism among Egyptian Muslims and Copts.
Photo: More chants outside the church...