Tahrir Square - January 25, 2012
Jan 26, 2012Public
Photo: Any help with translation would be appreciated.
Photo: A martyr is remembered.
Photo: The revolution, from one generation to the next.
Photo: 'V' for victory.
Photo: Long live Egypt!
Photo: A smiling baby.
Photo: A man wears a framed photo of his martyred son around his neck.
Photo: A woman holds up a picture of a martyr.
Photo: A banner with pictures of martyrs who have been killed by state security forces and the army over the past year.
Photo: De ja vu?
Photo: A Nasser fan.
Photo: Christian and Muslim unity on display.
Photo: Tents going up again in Tahrir Square.
Photo: A banner calling for the execution of leaders from former president Hosni Mubarak to Field Marshall Mohamad Tantawi.
Photo: How do they get up there, anyway?
Photo: On Mohamad Mahmoud St.
Photo: Youth raising a banner attacking both the ruling military junta and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Photo: See, hear, speak no evil.
Photo: Gone but never forgotten...
Photo: A wonderful scene in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Flags go up...