Tahrir Square Demonstration - December 2, 2011
Dec 3, 2011Public
Photo: A funeral procession to commemorate the martyrs of the battle of Mohamad Mahmoud St. makes it's way past Tahrir Square.
Photo: Each of the symbolic caskets represented one of the victims of the battle of Mohamad Mahmoud St. where at least 42 Egyptians were killed.
Photo: Although no bodies were present in the caskets, the mood of the march was very emotional.
Photo: A picture of one of the martyrs on the back of a casket
Photo: A view of the many caskets as the march makes its way down Kasr Al Ainy St.
Photo: The caskets were placed outside the Cabinet building where a sit-in against the newly appointed PM Kamal Ganzoury has been staged.
Photo: Another view of a casket.
Photo: A view of the crowd making its way back to Tahrir Square.
Photo: A man holding up a sign condemning SCAF.
Photo: A string of tear gas canisters shot at protesters over the course of the past week.
Photo: A father of one of the martyrs holds up a banner in memory of his fallen son.
Photo: Anti-SCAF graffiti outside the 'Mugama' government building.
Photo: More anti-regime graffiti.
Photo: A 'Wanted' sign identifying a police officer who was caught on video shooting out the eye of a protester on Mohamad Mahmoud St. The video immediately caused a wave of public outrage upon going viral.