May Day 2011
May 3, 2011Public
Photo: A large crowd gathers at Queen Street West and Jameson Avenue at the beginning of this year's May Day.
Photo: The Communist Party of Iraq makes its presence felt in Toronto.
Photo: Filipino caregivers join the May Day festivities, fighting for worker and migrant rights across Canada.
Photo: A very appropriate message this May Day.
Photo: The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War continues to demand: "bring the troops home now!"
Photo: The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) brings a contingent to the May Day march and rally.
Photo: The Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly (GTWA) was also in attendance.
Photo: Numerous climate justice placards and banners sit on a bench waiting to be picked up for the long march and rally.
Photo: A bit of food for thought to dwell over this May Day.
Photo: A simple but effective message.
Photo: It was a family affair this May day.
Photo: Poor kid, that sign is almost as tall as he is!
Photo: Since the Canadian federal election followed the very next day, the above slogan represents a fitting theme for this year's May Day.
Photo: Dream on...
Photo: Still dreaming...
Photo: Many different dreams; one common goal.
Photo: A woman takes a seat next to her dog.
Photo: Surprisingly, the police presence this year was quiet; only a dozen police officers could be seen at any given time during the day.
Photo: As you can see, May Day is for all workers - yes, even cops!
Photo: Aman S. gets the crowd pumped up before the speeches begin
Photo: A simple equation.
Photo: Raise a fist in the air if you believe in justice for workers in this country!
Photo: Speaking up in the Parkdale community during May Day.
Photo: A fist is raised in solidarity with workers all across Canada.