Tahrir Square Demonstration - October 7, 2011
Oct 19, 2011Public
Photo: A girl holding an Egyptian flag stands atop a car in Tahrir Square on the day of the demonstration.
Photo: A man holds a sign before the beginning of the demonstration in Tahrir Square.
Photo: A family affair in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Clothing and various other kinds of memorabilia commemorating the January 25 revolution in Egypt can be found for sale by everywhere in Tahir Square.
Photo: Speeches being delivered in Tahrir Square
Photo: A large crowd listens with full attention to the speakers on the stage.
Photo: Within half an hour the crowd grows considerably to a few thousand.
Photo: More Egyptians gather in Tahrir Square to oppose the interim military government known as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).
Photo: The energy and emotion in Tahrir Square were high.
Photo: THe crowd shows its approval to what is being said on stage...
Photo: Peace and the Quran...
Photo: A very intense looking man holds a Quran in one hand and a 'peace' or 'V for victory sign' on the other.
Photo: He is clearly in approval of the message being delivered on stage.
Photo: The mass prayer in Tahrir Square begins.
Photo: People together in prayer.
Photo: Another view of the mass prayer in Tahrir Square.
Photo: Over two thousand people assembled in Tahrir Square over the course of the demonstration.
Photo: The demonstration was relatively small compared to previous ones immediately following the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.
Photo: Behind the worshippers a crowd of several hundred more people can be seen.
Photo: A clear cross-section of Egyptian society could be found in the middle of Tahrir Square: young and old, men and women, Muslim and secular.
Photo: Prayer in Tahrir Square.
Photo: The crowd continues the demonstration against the ruling military government after the morning prayer in Tahrir Square.
Photo: A Muslim raises his arms in approval as a chant is echoed all over the square: "the people want the downfall of the regime"
Photo: Cheers erupt in the middle of Tahrir Square.