Cabinet Sit-in
Dec 14, 2011Public
Photo: A row of symbolic caskets commemorating those killed during the battle of Mohamad Mahmoud St.
Photo: A banner of one of the martyred youth from the battle of Mohamad Mahmoud St. is placed outside a tent at the sit-in on Magles el Shaab St. where the Cabinet building is located.
Photo: A group of people sit in a circle discussing politics.
Photo: A large group of people discuss and debate the political situation in the country.
Photo: A volunteer at a makeshift field field clinic where medicine and supplies are stored.
Photo: A young girl stands beside one of the symbolic caskets lining the Cabinet sit-in, each one representing an individual killed a week ago during the battle of Mohamad Mahmoud St.
Photo: A protester holds up a sign at the Cabinet sit-in.
Photo: Outrage at the human rights violations committed during the previous week has carried over to the Cabinet sit-in.
Photo: He had his mother's eyes.