May 5, 2010Public
Photo: View of mountain behind shooting range.
Photo: Points the way to Phoenix!
Photo: Looking down the line. Lots of cool guns today.
Photo: Just one of the many awesome weapons here today.
Photo: Scott shooting.
Photo: Mountain view.
Photo: The views out here are endless.
Photo: A ranch in the middle of no where.
Photo: A closer view of the ranch.
Photo: An oasis in the desert.
Photo: Looking back to where we were.
Photo: A mine that is actually several miles away. You can see the tailing pile just to the right. I had to zoom way in for this.
Photo: Cool looking tree that was killed by wild fire.
Photo: The Indians sharpened their tools on these rocks, and made circular impressions such as this.
Photo: More evidence of the wildfire that came through this area years ago.
Photo: Some petroglyphs. Looks like the moss is going to ruin this one.
Photo: A whole rock covered with ancient art.
Photo: Scott trying to make it to us in shorts. I should have told them to wear pants.
Photo: Pottery shards.
Photo: Another view of the road we been following.