Taiwan 2014
May 21, 2014Public
Photo: My friend and collaborator Jyh-min Chiang on top of a venting volcano in the northern part of Taiwan
Photo: a better look at the venting volcano
Photo: A small Taoist temple in the mountains
Photo: Part of the "fish trail" a path that ran through the mountains from Taipei to the coast.  Travelled by fishermen and other tradespeople historically
Photo: typical meal in Taiwan
Photo: on campus at Tunghai University, I am visiting during the Plum Rains, which are very strong this year
Photo: This lunch was absurdly delicious
Photo: Taipei in the distance, a wooded neighborhood foreground
Photo: volcanic landscape
Photo: tree canopy on campus at Tunghai University
Photo: This cappuccino swan became the symbol of this visit
Photo: a path on the campus at Tunghai University
Photo: 6:30 am tennis is a great way to start the day...these fellows start every day that way
Photo: It was my pleasure to teach these Tunghai University undergraduate students
Photo: subway in Taipei