Formosa (Taiwan)
May 18, 2010Public
Photo: About to board the Taiwan Highspeed Train, real tired from 14hr flight!
Photo: Tunghai University Classroom_ nice breeze
Photo: TungHai University feels like walking around in a cross between a Shaolin Temple and a Botanical Garden.  Really
Photo: My host and friend Jyh-min in his (very nice) office
Photo: These are faculty offices.  No hallways, only decks and outdoor walkways.
Photo: this is the flower from that leggy beauty queen.  nice right.  Giant seed pods.  Some kind of legume.
Photo: Tunghai campus has a lot of fabulous trees, like this beauty queen
Photo: Scholars  quarters.  Not sure why I got to be there...
Photo: Tunghai freshman sweep the campus every morning with traditional bamboo brooms
Photo: having dinner with Jyh-min's parents
Photo: a temple near Jyh-min's childhood home
Photo: National Taiwan University campus
Photo: all Taiwan, all the time.  Jyh-min has only fed me things that he considers "real Taiwan"  here is a lunch
Photo: street in I-lan  does not quite convey the traffic chaos
Photo: I-lan, rice paddy and mountains.  Very scenic part of Taiwan.
Photo: This wonderful little girl was my buddy in I-Lan__ language barrier was no barrier
Photo: Jyh-min and Ju-shan had a fun time watching me attempt to conquer this "hot pot" meal at a very elegant restaurant near I-Lan
Photo: I had some difficulty ordering from this menu in a tiny spot Jyh-min loves near his apartment
Photo: Mid elevation view of mountains in central Taiwan
Photo: Jyh-min  in a bamboo forest near Lienhuachih
Photo: The terrible fury of Chairman Chiang!!
Photo: Jyh-min's family farm on a plateau in central Taiwan.  This is the "barn," which was painted as part of a community effort to promote agro-tourism.
Photo: bamboo forest.  Jyh-min and I practiced swordplay on the tops.
Photo: Scooters are ubiquitous, in the urban areas.  They follow no traffic rules, going in every direction at times.  In this photo there is a baby <1.  Can you spot s/he?