Modify SD744 to 4/5 channel and extended battery life
May 30, 2014Public
Photo: Sound devices 744 recorder and 302 mixer. 
On the top is a small LiPo cell log and voltage monitor
Photo: This PortaBarce AR-7 bag is not designed for both SD7 recorder and external mixer. But if XLR plugs are short out from the mixer it can be easily fitted in external RM/multi bag
Photo: Modified short XLR plugs for mic input are just half of full length. 
Filled with hot glue this plugs are both strong and foolproof.
Photo: Mixer output plugs also cut into half length
Photo: Cheap but powerful four sell 5 Ah LiPo battery and cell-log and voltage monitor.
This battery can operate the recorder + mixer up to 10 hours
Photo: LiPo battery are high current battery so it is important to have a output fuse to avoid fire if accidentally you have a shortcut. 
2 Amper fuse is perfect when normal current to feed both SD744 (SSD version) and SD302 is about 400 mA