Tips and tricks
Jan 17, 2013Public
Photo: Sennheiser MKH 30 and ME66 fitted in Rode Blimp
Photo: Both mics are taped firmly together.
Capsule in ME66 is placed as close to MKH30 capsule as possible.
Bicycle inner tube is used for body isolated. Any elastic band can be used as well
Photo: Sennheiser ME66 and Audio Technica AT4025 is a nice setup when searching and hunting special bird sound in the field.
When this setup is connected to SD302 mixer it is very easy to have full control on the "stereo image" and focus on the sound you are looking for.
Photo: Floating ball for fishing troll have low resonance frequency therefore it is ideal for dummy head rig
Photo: Dummy head with Rode NT6 microphones
Photo: When I was searching for silicon dummy head for binaural rig, I found this fabulous suspension for Rode NT1a in a sex toy store. 
For sure, this is the very best "suspension" for NT1a on the market today. He is floating in this net as in jelly.