DIY Stereo CAT6 snake
May 13, 2012Public
Photo: Female XLR plug on the cable. 
White pair are connected to pin 1 (ground).
This prototype use CAT6 cable.  This special "ground cable" is lubricated inside strong black outer jacket. . The black color  is not as flashy as normal white/gray CAT cables.
Photo: The male plugs are fixed on the cable reel.
Also the handle to turn the reel.
Photo: No screw head will scratch or damage the cable.
The empty reel can be found in garbage at electrical goods store....or get free in the shop. Just ask for it.
Photo: Good to be sure which channel is left or right.
Photo: 30 meters. Ready for action
Photo: Quick and easy to wind up cable
Photo: Wooden back plate with handle
Photo: Easy to carry with secure handle. The reel can not be more compact for traveling. Elastic band made out of bicycle inner tubes holds all together, stop the reel to freewheel and make soft tension for  the cable.
Photo: On the field
Photo: 30 meters ultra light stereo cable reel. 
Made out of screened CAT6.  Wight only 960gr
Photo: XLR pinout and color polarity for CAT6 cable
Photo: Two microphone cable connect to one Cat 6. 
Then isolate and close the connection with hot glue
Photo: Fill small box with silicon glue
Photo: Put the cable connection in the box
Photo: ...then close it.
Photo: Wait then about three days, until the silicon has fully hardened.
Photo: 70 meters, ready for action.
Photo: Easy to carry