"Binaural Begga"
Apr 27, 2012Public
Photo: May I introduce "Binaural Begga" She is married to the owner. She still look nice even though she is about 40 years old.
Photo: She have two nice, sexy ears, the well known Primo EM172 capsules.
Photo: Begga have already work hard as a listener at many meetings and conferences, connected to recorder and make really nice recordings.
Photo: She is not big or heavy and she like to be compact.
Photo: Begga have thread on the neck, so she can be fitted on standard mic stand
Photo: She have also quick realize for any standard mic stand or tripod.
Photo: Her lightweight ears can be fitted in many places. Like on this tree to pick up bird songs and other nature sounds.
Photo: Sometimes her husband like to dress her ears...
Photo: ...and when the ears are in Rode WS5 foam windshield they can withstand pretty strong wind.
Here is a recording example: