Windshields for Rode NT1a and NT2a
Apr 20, 2012Public
Photo: Rode NT2a with WS2 wind shield.
Photo: The orange plastic tubes are tubes made for optical communication cables. 
It is easy to bend and drill trough the material. 
The frame is hold together with nylon strips.
Photo: The orange frame is connect to the outer frame of the shock mount. 
All vibration from wind will then not go directly to the microphone.
Photo: NT2a in Omni position can withstand much stronger wind than any other polar pattern. With WS2 foam it can withstand very strong wind without other wind protection.
Photo: OK, this looks stupid when using fleece blanket . 
It is almost like horse with two heads when omnis are in AB setup. 
For two omnis this setup was unnecessary and overbuild.
When using so much fleece as in this case the wind can make noise when bowing around and trough the material
Photo: NT1a with WS2 foam and SM6 shockmount
Photo: This orange tubes are light wight and slip. It gives minimal noise when some soft material are like flees or nylon socks touch or brush it.
Photo: Small and compact frames. 
Smaller than two Blimp
Photo: Fleece blanket cover two NT1a in NOS setup. 
The problem with cardioid mics are they are normally very sensitive for wind. 
Therefor we need to take special care of everything, even make a windshield for the tripod.
Photo: NT1a fitted in Dead cat.
The "middle" orange ring make the frame stronger and....
Photo: ....and move the nylon socks more far from the microphone for less close-up wind noise
Photo: Some nylon socks are very soft so they do not make noise when wind is blowing through the material.
Photo: This windshield is very effective. Better than Blimp. 
The nylon socks slow down the wind as a first step. 
 The soft and lightweight material in the socks does not make noise when the wind pass trough or when it rub the orange  frame. 
From socks to capsule comes important distance. The socks may NOT kill the wind, just slow it down before it hit the WS2 foam or Dead cat on the mic
If the wind make some noise when it blow trough the material it is unlikely the mic will capture it (in most situation).
Photo: See other kind of windshield sulution
Photo: Both windshield versions in  first test. 

The result:  The big black one withstand almost any wind with NT2a in omni position. It also give nice result with NT1a. 
But NT1a have very sensitive body so it was difficult to analyse if the mic was detect wind noise trough the tripod or the wind around the capsule.
Both mics could easily use WS2 or Dead Cat inside the orange frame.