2007 Finishes
Jan 5, 2008Public
Photo: Completed 23 Jan 2007. This was my test piece for the bookmark exchange. I wanted to try out the finishing before the final. I'm pretty happy with the way the stitching turned out, but not as happy with the fabric backing.
Photo: Completed 23 Jan 2007. This is the bookmark I sent to haniaw for the bookmark exchange. The colors are sticking, but did come out so well in the photo. Hopefully she'll be able to post a better pic. I so need a new camera :-)
Photo: Completed 10 Feb 2007. 2nd in the series of three. Soon it shall be complete!
Photo: Completed 14 Feb 2007. Due to the 3 feet of snow we received today, I was able to finish this in two sittings. This, along with the other two butterflies, will be framed together for a small friend of mine.
Photo: Completed 17 Feb 2007. This was a quick one. I only made two mistakes - but I think I recovered from them well :-). The pattern is from The Sunflower Seed (http://www.thesunflowerseed.com/). The thread is from The Gentle Art. I'm not sure who manufactures the linen, but all items were purchased through A Stitcher's Garden, my LNS.
Photo: Completed 4 Mar 2007. Two in a series. I was planning to leave 2" between the cow and the sheep, but rushed the measuring. *sigh* The kiddo I'm planning to give it to won't notice though :-).
Photo: Completed 4 Mar 2007. A little project to play with linen floss. It's a bit of a pain to work with, but worth the effort.
Photo: Completed 13 Mar 2007. I ended up putting this together at work during a break. I decided to use beads instead of buttons in the divot. I don't have any nice buttons laying about.
Photo: Completed 15 Mar 2007. I made this for a new little friend of mine. I'm planning to frame it up and send it off this weekend.
Photo: Completed 30 Mar 2007. I was able to finish assembling this biscornu on the car. It is a gift for a friend.
Photo: Completed 15 Apr 2007. I made this biscornu as a gift for some people who put me up for a night. It was a fun project to complete. I stuffed it with cedar chips.
Photo: Completed 16 Apr 2007. Another gift project. This one is for my neighbor who took care of my dog while I was away and then spent the evening with me in the doggy emergency room once I returned.
Photo: Completed 25 Apr 2007. My partner hasn't received this yet, so I can't post it to the exchange site yet, but I was dying to get it up. This was a really fun project to work on.
Photo: Completed 31 May 2007. This was a UFO for a few years. I unearthed it and completed all of the stitching in about four months in rotation with other projects. Boy does it feel good to be done!
Photo: Completed 7 Jun 2007. This is Waxing Moon Designs (www.waxingmoondesigns.com) Autumn Minis (#101) stitched on a Silkweaver solo using Weeks Dye Works threads. It was a great weekend+ project. Image Info:
Photo: Completed 22 Jun 2007. This is two cats I whomped together. I originally intended to do one for a co-worker, but I love the patterns and the fabric so much that I decided to do another one for me :-). Silkweaver's Intrigue 28ct Lugana.
Photo: Completed 02 Jul 2007. This was supposed to be a mom's day gift for my mom, but the poop hit the fan with stuff at work and at home. But It's done, and just in time for next year's mom's day ;-).
Photo: Completed 26 Jul 2007. This is a pattern from Cedar Hill Counted Cross Stitch. I did it on Silkweaver's 28 ct Lugana in Everglade with DMC floss. This will be a gift for a friend's bridal shower. This weekend I'll be putting a rustic frame together for it.
Photo: Completed 30 Aug 2007. This project was stitched on 40 count linen with both over 1 and over 2 stitches using Weeks Dye Works fibers. I made this as a birthday gift for my husband. I'm hoping to get it framed before our anniversary.
Photo: Completed 8 Sep 2007. It's Sesame Street time! This is the first letter in a series I'll be completing using the 9"x13" pieces of 32ct Lugana I get in the monthly fabric packages and what ever fabric color I feel goes with them. This letter was done on 32ct Superstition from Silkweaver using Peacock cotton floss from Week's Dye Works. I have "I" waiting to be started.
Photo: Completed 15 Sep 2007. This is the first hardanger piece I've done. I took a class today and was able to finish this in the 3 hours allotted and spend some money on a new chart and chat with the ladies at the store. It was good. I'm looking forward to my next project - a heart ornament.
Photo: Completed 30 Sep 2007. This was my second hardanger project. It took a little while to figure out the dove's eyes as I'd forgotten from the class. But once I did they were easy. This is fast stuff!
Photo: Completed 20 Oct 2007. I finished this just in time for fall. It's from a back issue of Stitcher's World. I did it on white Aida since it's a full coverage piece. The colors were fun to work with.
Photo: Completed 16 Nov 2007. This is from a Birghtneedle pattern that I adapted to my ends. I decided I wanted to have a needlebook after I got sick of searching for needles all the time. Voila. I did this on some fabby I had left over from another project and a fat quarter I got at a quilting show. The stitching over one was difficult, but I persevered.