2006 Finishes
Jan 5, 2008Public
Photo: Completed 10-Nov-2006. Made for sister's birthday.
Photo: Completed 19-Nov-2006. This is the top of the biscornu later eaten by my dog. It's functional but quite dirty. Made this after seeing the spiffy x-stitch exchange. Not a bad first try.
Photo: Completed 15-Nov-2006. This is the front of the assembled pillow. Red to match the ruby birthstone. Started in 5th grade. Found in early Nov while looking through books for something to do. Completed the backstitching and voila.
Photo: Completed 9 & 10 Dec-2006. Made these for my parents after I finished the Cancer pillow. Made a great Christmas gift.
Photo: Completed 21-Dec-2006. This one went down to the wire. I finished it for my sister for Christmas.
Photo: Completed 29-Dec-2006. This, like Biscornu 1, was from a pattern book I picked up in France. I decided to play with variegated floss.
Photo: Completed 29-Dec-2006. I started working on this Christmas Day because I thought I should do something a little Christmasey. The pattern is derived from one I got from the French pattern book, but I played with it a little. I has to wait a couple of days to assemble this because I was out of poly fill. This side is also based off the French pattern book, but is more customized.
Photo: Completed 31 Dec 2006. Last project of the year. First in the series of three butterflies. It's one of those hanger-on WIPs.