Pre-2006 Finishes
Jan 5, 2008Public
Photo: I'm not sure when I did this. But it's part of a series of two which I finished for my MIL. It was a blast to stitch and quick because of all the 1/2 stitches.
Photo: This is the second in the series that I stitched for my MIL. The framing on these two photos came out beautifully.
Photo: I think I might have done this one while I was stuck at my parent's house after having foot surgery in college. The little frog pretty much sums up how I felt while I was there.
Photo: This piece is one of my favorites. It's the first one where I used rayon floss - that is a HUGE pain.
Photo: I have no idea when I did this. But I love it!
Photo: The fuzzy photo of one in the series completed at 150 Jamesville Ave.
Photo: Another in the series that I worked on while at 150 Jamesville Ave.
Photo: The completion of the series.
Photo: This series was completed over the course of my grad studies. The burgundy one in the upper left is "Prosperity" and is symbolized by plums. The yellow on on the right top is "Balance" and is symbolized by chrysanthemums. The green in the lower left is "Wisdom" symbolized by bamboo. Finally, the blue in the lower right is "Longevity" and is set off by water lilies.
Photo: This was a very quick project despite it's size (~2.5' long). The large blocks of color went quickly and all of the white is open space.
Photo: I think I finished this my first year of grad school. I used to have a stuffed crab.
Photo: I started this before I moved to 150 Jamesville Ave. I think I finished it in the first year we lived there. Mom paid for the frame. Yay mom.
Photo: I think I did this one when I was in highschool. I'm not positive. But it seems so.
Photo: I think this kit was a gift. They're not the most spectacular ornaments, but they were fun and easy to do. A nice way to while the time.
Photo: I did these while we were living at 150 Jamesville Ave so we'd actually have some ornaments for the tree. They're on plastic canvas - what a joy to work with! Damn dog ate one of them (the I love snow!).
Photo: This is the 2nd set of ornaments I finished on plastic canvas while at 150 Jamesville Ave.
Photo: I picked this up at Mt. Saint Helens when we visited Seattle and Portland for a conference in grad school.
Photo: Completed 1991. I did this project in 11th grade, possibly the beginning of 12th. More likely over the summer. Not so shabby.
Photo: This was the first kit I ever received. I started working it in elementary school. It sat idle for a very long time. I think I ended up finishing it in grad school because I couldn't stand it sitting around longer.
Photo: I did this piece for my mom in college. I then made the designs into ornaments for me.