Bald Eagles at Lake Roaming Rock
Apr 26, 2010Public
Photo: First eagle pic - 10/27/08
Photo: Eagle closeup - 3/9/09
Photo: Coming down toward the water - 8/1/09
Photo: Bald eagle ready to strike
Photo: Bald eagle strike
Photo: Heading to the North
Photo: Just for fun, at dawn
Photo: Bald eagle strike - 8/7/09
Photo: Flying to perch
Photo: Landing to perch
Photo: Eating the catch
Photo: Ready to go fishing
Photo: Ice fishing, 3/15/2010
Photo: Going for fish
Photo: Going for fish
Photo: Catch
Photo: Returning to ice to feed (with interested gull)
Photo: Feeding
Photo: Eagle Strike #4. Taken July 17th, 2010
Photo: Perched on the West shore
Photo: Flying past the clubhouse
Photo: Strike
Photo: Heading South to feed
Photo: 5/23/2011