Miyar Nala Expedition 2007
Aug 18, 2007Public
Photo: Religious texts out in Urgos for the prayers on the festival day.
Photo: People gathering at the chorten.
Photo: OUMC posing with Urgos villagers.
Photo: Lalchand's mother and other relatives.
Photo: Crossing the river in a bucket bridge ...
Photo: ... quite comfy!
Photo: Steve.
Photo: Moti.
Photo: OUMC enjoying tea and tsampa in Moti's house in Khanjar.
Photo: Steve and Jamie.
Photo: The Miyar valley, looking down from Khanjar.
Photo: "Rounded Humped Peak" and "Spiky Peak" from Camp 1 (above Khanjar).
Photo: Another view above Camp 1.
Photo: A perfect experience in a tent ...
Photo: Rambo makes an appearance ...
Photo: An inviting (and feasible?) peak, possibly unclimbed.
Photo: A better idea of the scale and route.
Photo: Walking along the endless meadows.
Photo: Again.
Photo: Round Humped Peak and Spiky Peak appear again from a different angle.
Photo: Spiky Peak 20 minutes later.
Photo: Day 3, and we arrive at some wonderful boulders. Chris shows off some silly big boot tactics.
Photo: Better than Font? (The big one in the middle would take some very nice bolted routes too!)
Photo: Moti's horse and its foal.